Taurus 285Taurus

Try to be mindful of the way you connect with your closest environment – the people, spirits, animals, or guides. You may be open to different kinds of communications now and if you do not set firm boundaries, you can become overwhelmed. In order to deal with issues which can come out of the shadows you need to link with your beliefs. Examine your truths, look at your points of view and ponder on your deepest attachments. Perhaps there is something you can adjust, something you can transform, so it will suit your current situation better. Maybe, instead of fighting the circumstance, you can take time to heal from within. Create a soul-honouring relationship with yourself, one which will acknowledge all the aspects of your being. You are not a two-dimensional person; not even three-dimensional. You are a multifaceted, colourful, and complex expression of life and you need to appreciate and respect that. Allow your inner abundance to infuse your thoughts so you can communicate with grace. There are many paths you can choose now, and it may seem at times, that the possibilities are multiplying rapidly. Be discerning and critical, listen to your intuition and heart, and if still in doubt – brainstorm with like-minded people.




For the first week of September, Venus will be in Cancer (your solar third house of communication) and she will be a part of the Cardinal Grand Cross with Haumea and Juno in Libra (your sixth house of work), Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn (your ninth house of broadening horizons), and Mars, Eris and the Black Moon Lilith in Aries (your twelfth house of isolation). On the 6th of September, Venus will move to Leo (your fourth house of roots and family matters) and she will spend most of the month in this sign. Mars will go retrograde on the 10th of September in your twelfth house. The Sun will spend most of the month in Virgo (your fifth house of pleasures) and Mercury in Libra (your sixth house of work and well-being). Jupiter will station to go direct on the 13th of September in Capricorn, your ninth house. The Full Moon in Pisces (your eleventh house of benefactors) will happen on the 2nd of September. During the event, the Moon will make a beneficial aspect with Uranus in Taurus (your first house of self). It will be followed by the New Moon in Virgo (your fifth house) on the 17th of September.