Palmistry Consultations

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“The hand is perhaps the most underrated part of the human anatomy, and yet surely one of the most valuable that man possesses. It can touch, feel, hold, grip; can make and create.

It mediates between thought and matter; translates ideas into concrete reality; can become a tool, give comfort, soothe and heal; it can deliver pain and bring pleasure; it becomes eyes for some and, for those who know where to look, it can speak about character and personality; it is an open register of our subconscious, our needs and drives and future impulses.” Lori Reid 1990 The Complete Book of the Hand. A modern approach to hand analysis 


My general, half an hour palm reading costs $ 60.

More detailed, one hour consultation costs $ 100. Please, send me pictures of both of your palms and date of birth prior to the session.


For bookings and enquires please contact me