Astrology Consultations

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An Astrology consultation can cover a wide range of topics. During your session I work to help you understand your talents and patterns of behaviour in order to find the best ways of approaching issues related to family matters, relationships problems, well being subjects or themes connected to work and career.For many, astrology is the best tool to initiate the process of self-awareness, as it points out natural gifts and abilities, hidden potentials as well as models of habitual reactions to life’s challenges.

I work from the Glen Waverly area.

I hold a Diploma in Applied Astrology from the Astro*Synthesis school in Melbourne specialising in the astrology of relocation – the influence of a place on our psyche. Consultations are by appointment only. Prices (cash only) are as follow:

  1. First, general consultation $ 150/2 hours
  2.  Following consultations $ 130
  3.  Sessions for couples (astrology of relationships) $450/3 sessions (first session for the first person, second session for the other person, third session with both clients)

     For bookings and enquires please contact me