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The unveiling of Venus – Goddess of love, beauty and money

Earth’s neighbouring planet, Venus, has fascinated people for millennia. Its cycles were used to keep track of time, to set the beauty standards for human face and body, and to contemplate sacred geometry in mystery schools.

The Goddess Venus was equally captivating for ancient people, and – in different forms, under different names – she has kept our attention and interest to this day. There is something magical, mysterious and bewitching about her. She holds a secret which can only be revealed by patiently unpacking layer after layer of superficiality which covers our core.

In this workshop we will discover your personal Venus. Using information, meditation, mythology and art, we will locate the part of you that is responsible for the way you love, perceive beauty and attract money. Once highlighted, it will be easy to work with and adjust to the needs of your path.


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