Scorpio 285Scorpio

‘Slowly does it’ should be your motto for this month. Although you may be strongly influenced by the irresistible urge to claim your full power and run with it, hold on to your horses. It is not yet the right time to act on your desires. Now, you need to look at your shadows, examine your frustrations and uncover your triggers; explore obsessions and needs that slow you down. Some things may be revealed soon, but you will need to work longer on some other aspects of your psyche. You are going through an intense process of transformation which stems, to some extent, from the global situation. The way you communicate, teach, learn and mentor is changing fast and you will need to face the plethora of emotions linked with the process. Maybe you are suffering from impostor syndrome, from guilt, grief, or the feeling of being not good enough. Maybe you placed the need for success and professionalism on such an unachievable level that you are paralysed by it. This month, you will be asked to look at these issues and face your emotions; to answer questions like – why the recognition of your professionalism is so crucial to you. It is not to derail you, on the contrary; it is to make you more assured of your path and your goals.




Mars in Aries (your solar sixth house of work and well-being) will go retrograde on the 10th of September. He will make difficult aspects with Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn (your third house of communication and learning) and beneficial links with the Nodes of the Moon for the whole month. Mars will make a square with Venus at the beginning of September and he will be a part of the kite formation with Venus and Vesta in Leo (your tenth house of career), the South Node of the Moon in Sagittarius (your second house of money) and the North Node of the Moon in Gemini (your eighth house of investments) at the end of the month. The Sun will spend most of September in Virgo (your eleventh house of benefactors), Venus in Leo and Mercury in Libra (your twelfth house of isolation). On the 13th of September, Jupiter in Capricorn will station to go direct. The Full Moon in Pisces on the 2nd of September will happen in your fifth house of creativity and the following New Moon in Virgo on the 17th of September in you eleventh house of benefactors.