Scorpio 285Scorpio

You are investing in your mind now – in the way you acquire and store information as well as the manner in which you communicate and interact with people. This is a long-term investment that will demand from you to be systematic, determined, and steady. As the fruits of your labour may not come until a few years into the future, you need to be sure of your direction to persevere. This month, there may be an even stronger emphasis on hard work and serious effort. The days of intense labour, however, can be peppered with moments of celebration and joy. Use every victory coming your way to commemorate your achievements. Share them with your family and friends. Instead of reminiscing the ‘good old days’ when everything was supposedly easy and nice, see goodness in everything you do. Turn over a new leaf and challenge yourself to see the current situation as a time of possibilities. Sometimes, it will not be that simple but try anyway. Have faith that by opening yourself to the wild world, you are allowing the opportunities to flow. Listen to the messages you are receiving – the loud and the subtle – they will be full of clues and guidance. You are laying down a lasting foundation for future success. The process cannot be hurried or minimised. It needs to be endured but also appreciated and enjoyed.




Mars has just started his six-month-long journey through Aries, your sixth house of hard work and service. In July, Mars will be conjunct Chiron in Aries for the first four weeks of the month, sextile Venus in Gemini (your eighth house of other people’s money) until the 20th of July and square Mercury in Cancer (your ninth house of broadening horizons) from the 4th of July until the end of the month. At the end of July, Mars will start his long square with Jupiter and Pluto, both retrograde in Capricorn (your third house of communication). Pluto will be in conjunction with Jupiter, Pallas Athena, and Saturn. He will also make a positive aspect with Neptune in Pisces (your fifth house of pleasures). The Lunar Eclipse on the 5th of July will occur in Capricorn, your third house of communication).