My Portraits Gallery

I think I was about fourteen when my art teacher showed me my own inner artist hidden away in the recesses of my psyche. I was surprised because in our family only my father and his father had been the artists so far, not me. The notion, however, was very appealing, so I let myself explore the world of fine arts for some time. The reality of living caught up with me, though and I ended up studying science. The next big chunk of my life was dedicated to my family and work, but the day came when I could no longer deny the inner longing. When making greeting cards, party dresses, hand-made accessories or jewellery was not enough, I started painting again. At this time I was already deep into studying astrology, so I knew that my paintings had to reflect that in some way. One day it came to me – the whole set of twelve zodiac signs depicted by using geometrical shapes, astrological symbols and colours only. I knew that presented this way they can be used in displaying a natal chart in a very unique, visual manner. It dawned on me that I had just created my own code, a distinctive way of presenting astrology. I’ve never stopped painting since then.