Pisces 285Pisces

You may feel quite optimistic now. It seems that a lot of your issues are slowly resolving, and you are moving into calmer waters. Perhaps, leaving behind certain aspects of your life may be sad and not so simple but you can feel the breeze on your back pushing you forward, and you are ready to change your circumstance. Your mind is filled with possibilities and alternative solutions, and you dream big. You can use a great deal of these ideas if you stay objective and fair. If you give in to your passion and lose your impartiality, you may suffer a defeat. Be especially mindful about your finances as you may be prone now to splashing money around. Use your intellect and make your judgements as unbiased as you possibly can. Telling others your truths without ‘beating about the bush’ may seem like the right thing to do, but only, if you can accept the same. You have stuff to manage and decisions to make, fortunately, you are not alone. There are people around you who have wise answers and they are willing to share. Listen to their advice carefully, as among all of them, there could be the one you have been looking for; a precious gift with the power of unlocking your better future.




Jupiter moves in retrograde motion through Capricorn (your eleventh house of benefactors) together with retrograde Pallas Athena, Pluto, and Saturn this month. He will make conjunctions with these three planets for the whole month. Jupiter will also make a positive aspect with Neptune in Pisces (your first house of self) and a strain one with Eris in Aries (your second house of money). At the end of the month, Jupiter will make difficult aspects with Mercury in Cancer (your fifth house of risk-taking), Venus in Gemini (your fourth house of family), and Mars in Aries (your second house of money). Mercury will station direct on the 12th of July in Cancer. There will be the Lunar Eclipse on the 5th of July in Capricorn.