Libra 285Libra

Your romantic relationship may get a boost this month. You can use this positive atmosphere to balance your otherwise intense life. The pressure to be somebody and follow specific expectations may put you on edge and you may be prone to projecting your frustration onto the people around you. This can result in unnecessary fights and stress so, instead of concentrating on the annoyances, focus your attention on the things that work. This month, you have a chance to broaden your horizons and see a lot of matters in a different, more positive light. Shower your loved ones with affection and support, and you will create magic which will guard you against challenges. Share your wisdom and time generously and it will lift your spirit. Be patient and level-headed and you can avoid conflict. July is not a good time to assert your will with force. You need to be calm, flexible, and curious. Your long-term vision regarding the direction of your life may become clearer and clearer now and you do not need to react to others’ bad moods. Take care of your own by joyfully exploring the world around you in any way possible. Passion for life, healing and your partner should inform your decisions. Abundance is a state of living not a goal, so see yourself as a person who allows the wealth, wisdom, and good word to flow freely.




Venus will stay in Gemini (your solar ninth house of broadening horizons) for the whole month. She will make a beneficial aspect with Juno in Libra for the first four weeks of July. She will also make positive aspects with Mars and Chiron, both in Aries (your seventh house of partnerships), in the first part of the month. Venus will square Ceres in Pisces (your sixth house of work) between the 5th and the 23rd of July. At the end of July, Venus will square Neptune in Pisces. On the 2nd of July, Saturn will re-enter Capricorn (your fourth house of family matters) and join other three retrograde planets there: Pallas Athena, Jupiter, and Pluto. The Lunar Eclipse of the 5th of July will happen in Capricorn. Mercury will station to go direct in Cancer on the 12th of July in your tenth house of career.