Libra 285Libra

We cannot go through life without some difficulties, but we can adjust the way we react to the bumps on the road. The beginning of September may be bumpy forcing you to prioritise and manage your time better. The reorganisations and balancing acts however, will help you to reinvent yourself and look at your circumstance through a different light. The Universe is trying to tell you that your disappointments come from the intense attention you give to some situations and when you relax, your blessings will come to the focus. When you see yourself through the eyes of the people who care for you and not the inner critic, you will be able to let go of the frustrations and enjoy your accomplishments. Yes, there has been a lot of pressure on you, and your life has been meticulously reorganised bit by bit, but you are not a leaf cast to the winds. You are a courageous creator inspired by ideas and ready to act on them. You have the ability to positively influence others and spur them to action. Do not close yourself in a box of worry and guilt, spread your wings and become the leader you are.




Venus will spend most of September in Leo, your solar eleventh house of benefactors. During the first week of the month (while still in Cancer – your tenth house of career) she will be a part of the Cardinal Grand Cross with Haumea and Juno in Libra (your first house of self), Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn (your fourth house of family matters) and Mars, Eris, and the Black Moon Lilith in Aries (you seventh house of partnerships). For the first half of the month, Venus will make strained connections with the Sun in Virgo (your twelfth house of isolation) and Mars in Aries, and a positive link with Mercury in Virgo. In the middle of the month, Venus will make square with Uranus in Taurus (your eighth house of fears) and trine with Chiron in Aries. Mars will go retrograde in your seventh house of partnerships on the 10th of September and on the 13th of September, Jupiter will station to go direct in Capricorn.