It seems that you cannot escape hard work this month, but unless you allow this to spark feelings of misery and sorrow, the everyday grind has the power to transform your life and boost the sense of well- being arising from services well done. You may encounter challenges and oppositions on your path but treat them as ways of gathering ideas and opportunities. The time has come to broaden your horizons and get passionate about life, learning and new projects. Experiment with different concepts and new ways of thinking; explore possibilities. Perhaps you will have to wait a little bit until you can fully immerse yourself in the pursuing of these goals, but this fact should not dampen down your spirit. Be your optimistic, generous self and share your enthusiasm with others; there are people who will respond to your passion and help you on your path. Try to tune in to their emotions so you can communicate your needs more effectively. Pay attention to your intuition but do not give in to negative thinking. There is something new emerging in your life and it needs time to develop. Do not treat this period as meaningless waiting loaded with worry. Treat it as a time of commitment and joyful expectation, even though you do not yet know the outcome. Soon, you will be spurred to action and things will become clearer.




The Sun will spend most of the month in Cancer, your solar twelfth house of behind the scenes dealings as will Mercury and Vesta. The Sun will move to Leo on the 22nd of July. Mercury will station to go retrograde on the 12th of July. Venus is moving through Gemini, your eleventh house of benefactors. Mars together with Chiron, the Black Moon Lilith and Eris will travel through Aries, your ninth house of broadening horizons. Saturn will re-enter Capricorn, your sixth house of well-being and work on the 2nd of July. He will join a group of retrograde planets: Pallas Athena, Pluto, and Jupiter. The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn will happen on the 5th of July.