Gemini 285Gemini

It is time to share your loving heart with others. You went through a soul-searching and questioning period and now you need to see yourself as a source of warmth and caring which you can give out to people around you. Be the supporting pillar for all who have lost their footing and soon you will be filled with purpose and joy. The questions, anxieties and uncertainties will not disappear from your life, but you will learn how to cope with them. Walking through fog is much more efficient if done with a group of friendly people than by yourself – you can hoot. This month be compassionate and nurturing not only to others but to yourself. When someone will choose you as a sounding board to unload his or her negative emotions, listen carefully but do not take on their problems. Similarly, if you start projecting fears based on the past events into your future – stop and seek someone you can talk to. Look for alignments in your relationships. You have much to offer and to receive. Choose people and opportunities which uplift your spirit so you can grow your confidence. Do not rush to do things however, even if you feel an urge to do so. It is quite possible that you do not see the whole picture yet. Take one step at the time, so you can adjust your plans according to the changing scenery.




Mercury in Cancer (your solar second house of money and values) is going to move in retrograde motion until the 12th of July when he will station to go direct. He will stay in Cancer for the whole month. From the 4th of July until the end of the month, Mercury will be in square aspect with Mars in Aries (your eleventh house of benefactors). At the end of July, Mercury will oppose the stellium in Capricorn (retrograde Saturn, Pallas Athena, Jupiter, and Pluto) in your eighth house of anxieties. Venus will stay in your sign for the whole month. She will make nice aspects with Mars and Chiron in the first half of the month and hard aspect with Neptune at the end of July. The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on the 5th of July will occur in your eighth house.