Gemini 285Gemini

Disappointments and regrets will mix this month with personal celebrations and victories. Do not focus on the regrets however, learn your lessons from the mistakes and move on. The present situation demands from you to be clear-headed and mature, ready to see all the sides of the story. Hold your judgement until you’re sure that your opinion is balanced, clear and it reflects your views. Your deep-rooted values can be questioned this month and you may need to assert your position or reconsider the way you think. Do not be too quick in changing your mind. Analyse the circumstance and sort your priorities carefully. It will be rather important now to have coherent and understandable goals so you can manage your time wisely and do not get caught up in the dramas of the outside world. The pressure can be substantial, so find the best way to handle all the aspects of your life – work, family, money, career, and relaxation. Stay on top of your commitments but also do not forget to acknowledge your achievements. Connect with people you care about, so you can feel supported, and share your triumphs – the big, the small, and the seemingly insignificant. This will help you to balance your struggles with joy and contentment. It will shift your attention to gratitude and harmony.




Mercury will spend most of September in Libra (your solar fifth house of creativity and pleasures), the Sun in Virgo (your fourth house of family matters) and Venus in Leo (your third house of communication). In the first week of the month, Mercury will make beneficial aspects with Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn all in Capricorn (your eighth house of endings and beginnings). From the 14th of September until the 28th of September, Mercury will consecutively square the stellium in Capricorn and oppose Mars, Eris, and the Black Moon Lilith in Aries (your eleventh house of benefactors). Mars will go retrograde in Aires on the 10th of September and on the 13th of September, Jupiter will station to go direct in Capricorn. The Full Moon will happen in Pisces (your tenth house of career) on the 2nd of September and the following New Moon in Virgo will occur on the 17th of September.