Cancer 285Cancer

The Sun is in your sign now. Happy Birthday Cancer!

Your need for status and recognition may be quite unquenchable this month and you may like to do something about it. But even if you have a crystal-clear vision of what you want and how to get it, do not rush to do so, as the Universe has some tests for you. There is something important starting in your life this month and because it is just the beginning, you cannot see clearly what it is. Charging ahead with breakneck speed will not get you where you want to be faster. It may bring you heartache and sorrow. Take your time to assess your situation objectively and to see all sides of an issue. To become an effective leader, you need the wisdom of patience, confidence, and poise. You need to have the ability to not only listen to people but also hear what they are really saying. You need to build your relationships on trust created from honest, hard work. Taking shortcuts will not do for you now. Even though you may feel like you must grab the opportunities and run with them, this is not what will make you successful. Claim your authority by creating calm and order despite what you feel inside. Be passionate about your goals but also systematic and strategic on the way to reach them. Treat your partnerships with seriousness and respect and they will transform your life in magical ways. And most of all be true to yourself.




The Sun will stay in your sign until the 22nd of July when he will move to Leo, your second house of money and values. Mercury (retrograde until the 12th of July) and Vesta will remain in Cancer for the whole month. Saturn will re-enter Capricorn (your seventh house of partnerships) on the 2nd of July. He will join Pallas Athena, Jupiter and Pluto all retrograde in Capricorn. Mars is moving through Aries (your tenth house of career and prestige) together with Chiron, the Black Moon Lilith and Eris. The Full Moon in Capricorn will occur on the 5th of July. On the 21st of July, there will be the New Moon in Cancer, the second New Moon in Cancer this year.