Aries 285Aries

It seems that you are pushed to face the truth. You are also being convinced to not be afraid, to own it. If you follow the Universe’s nudging and work with your issues instead of escaping them, you will align yourself with the prevailing spirit of our time and use it to your advantage. Although this spirit appears to favour anger, frustration, fear, and disappointment, this is not its real objective. The actual purpose of the present climate is to change our habits; to derail us so we can find a better path. It is true for you too. You can start by taking a good care of your body as your energy level may decrease. Listen to what it is saying as all the worry, stress, and frustration you have been experiencing recently, may take their toll now. Be charitable to your body’s needs and do not feel guilty for sleeping in or daydreaming. Your challenges will probably not fade away this month, but by looking after yourself, you may improve your mood and general well-being. Do not assume that you are useless when doing nothing, that only when you push yourself and lead by example something is done. The best inspirations come when you are still and calm and not fighting with your thoughts. You have a chance now to tap into the creative energy of our times. Do not reject this invitation but use it to communicate your ideas and needs better.




Mars in Aries (your solar first house of self) is slowing down to turn retrograde on the 10th of September. He will make difficult aspects with Saturn and Pluto (both retrograde in Capricorn) and beneficial connection with the Nodes of the Moon for the whole month. For the first week of September, Mars will be a part of the Cardinal Grand Cross with the Black Moon Lilith and Eris (both in Aries), Venus in Cancer, Haumea and Juno in Libra and Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. Venus will spend most of September in Leo, your fifth house of pleasures, the Sun in Virgo (your sixth house of work) and Mercury in Libra (your seventh house of partnerships). Jupiter will station to go direct in Capricorn (your tenth house of career) on the 13th of September. The Full Moon in Pisces will happen on the 2nd of September in your twelfth house of isolation and escape. The following New Moon on the 17th of September will occur in Virgo – your sixth house of work and well-being.