Aquarius 285Aquarius

After a period of limits and constrictions, you may want to have the freedom of space and movement. This urge can inform your decision-making process and push you to take some risks. Be careful however how big a risk you are planning to take so you can balance your choice with your need for safety and comfort. There are many aspects to your momentum now. Not all of them depend on your own will. To navigate this tricky road, you need to be patient, respectful and wise. Sense your way around rather than force your choices, despite how much you want to press your own agenda. You can make a significant progress this month if you stick to options which you feel in your guts to be right. You will have many opportunities presented to you now, but you can pick just a handful. And this is not because the Universe wants to limit you even more, it is because you need more time to adjust. Your mind is agile and hungry for adventure, but your body may need a little more rest and loving care. Try to not take on more responsibilities that you can carry. This way, you can enjoy your life and still reach the goals which are important to you.




On the 2nd of July, Saturn is leaving your sign and re-entering Capricorn (your twelfth house of behind the scenes dealings) in his retrograde motion. He will join another three retrograde in Capricorn planets – Pallas Athena, Jupiter, and Pluto. Saturn will be in conjunction with them for the whole month. He will also be in a quincunx aspect with the North Node of the Moon in Gemini (your solar fifth house of pleasures) and in a square aspect with Eris in Aries (your third house of communication). Saturn will make semisquare with Ceres in Pisces (your second house of money) from the 1st of July until the 26th of July. Mars in Aries will travel through your third house of communication, Venus in Gemini – through your fifth house of pleasure, children and creativity and the Sun, Mercury, and Vesta in Cancer – through your sixth house of work. Mercury will station to go direct on the 12th of July in this sign. There will be the Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on the 5th of July. Uranus in Taurus (your fourth house of family) will form positive aspect with Ceres in Pisces for the whole month.