About Me

Hi, my name is Gosia. Yes, I know, it sounds exotic. I was born in Poland and spent most of my early life in the old, historically and culturally rich city of Krakow. During the very turbulent eighties I gained a Bachelor Degree with Honours in Biological Sciences at one of the oldest universities in Europe – The Jagiellonian University. The decade of 1981-1991, was probably the most eventful decade of my life. I started it as a high school girl and finished as a professional biologist, wife, mother of two and a fresh immigrant to Australia.

Krakow 1collage

I fall in love with Australia shortly after our arrival, although it wasn’t love at first sight. I had to learn this country, its rhythms, its vibes, its colours. But the process was well worth it. It is an amazing place.

Australia collage

Because of the emigration my life has now two distinctive periods: “Before Arrival” and “After Arrival” with the demarcation line in the year 1991.  My “After Arrival” name tag was: “A Scientist, Mother of Two and a Wife”, but after fighting my way through three years of PhD studies at Melbourne University I realised that it should read: “The-Always-Worried-Mother- of-Two, Exhausted Wife and Very-Busy-Scientist”. Too much, I decided. I quit the PhD without finishing it, found a job at Monash University to be close to home and, as soon as I could, decreased my working hours to manage my life better. This goal was aided greatly by my hobbies – astrology, craft and painting.


I think I became infatuated with astrology around 1998. At that time I wanted to know the future, no, I actually wanted to control the future. I quickly realised the futility of the task, but the passion for astrology stayed with me from then on. For many years I studied it diligently by myself reading all the books I could find in the local libraries. I read astrological websites and magazines. I learnt how to read an astrological chart and did readings for all my family members and friends. But this was still not enough. In 2006 I decided to tentatively venture into the real world of astrology and attended my first astrological conference held in Melbourne by APA. It was an eye-opening event. I realised I needed mentors, and the best ones at that. Not long after this I enrolled into Chiron Centre   – the Melbourne based school of astrology run by an amazing couple, Brian Clark and Glennys Lawton, whose astrological expertise is world widely recognised.

Now I am an astrologer, a proud owner of Diploma in Applied Astrology with knowledge and skills to help YOU find a better way of living.