Friday the 10th of September 2021

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This week, you can be confronted by demons, mostly your own, but also by the demons of the society you belong to. They will come in disguises of chaos, confusion, misrepresentation, and emotional games. They will hound your dreams, mess with your mind, and hurt your feelings if you allow them to do so.

 As always, you have a choice. You can follow these shadows into the rabbit hole, or you can follow the five principles: “Just for today, I let go of anger, just for today, I let go of worry, I do my work honestly, I am grateful for my life, I am kind to all creatures” and see your inner strength grow.

You can win the internal battle by tuning in to the old ethical code of compassion, courage, and grace. This will be a week of achievement and success if you make your sacrifice and focus on the tasks at hand. Assess your issues honestly and dispose of all distractions. Use your imagination to create balance and happiness not misery and uncertainty.

You have the power to control what your mind is doing, use it. The moment you reach your goal, even the smallest one, your confidence will rise, and you will be ready to plan your brilliant future.



Tomorrow, Venus will move to Scorpio, on Tuesday, there will be the First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius, and on Wednesday, Mars will enter Libra. At the end of the week, Mars will be placed in the sign ruled by Venus and Venus in the sign ruled by Mars. During the First Quarter Moon, the Moon will square the Sun in Virgo and Neptune and Pallas Athena both retrograde in Pisces. She will also semi square retrograde Saturn in Aquarius, trine Eris retrograde in Aries, and sextile Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius. For the whole week, the Sun will oppose Neptune and trine Pluto in Capricorn. Saturn in Aquarius will trine Ceres, the Black Moon Lilith, and the North Node of the Moon (all in Gemini).