Friday the 5th of February 2021

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A little bit of astrology

On the 5th of February 1962, there was the New Moon in Aquarius and Total Solar Eclipse. The Sun and Moon were joined, in the sign of Aquarius, by retrograde Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. They all created a stellium in this sign consisting of seven points (or planet, as astrologers call them). A lot of astrologers trumpeted this event as a dawn of the Age of Aquarius. Fifty-nine years later, we are coming to a similar situation. On the 12th of February (here in Melbourne), we will have the New Moon. The Sun and Moon will be in Aquarius together with retrograde Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn. They will create a stellium consisting of six points, or planets. Is it the second dawn of the Age of Aquarius stressing that this time, oh Universe, we mean it? Or, perhaps, it is just a reminder of what it takes to be a level-headed, logical and humanitarian Aquarius and how much time is required to change the human consciousness. The last time Saturn and Jupiter had formed an exact conjunction in Aquarius (before it happened on the 22nd of December 2020 which was also touted as the beginning of an era), it was year 1405. For many, the beginning of the 15th-century is the starting point of Renaissance which brought revolution in thinking, literature, art, politics, and science; an age of rapid growth of humanism and intellectualism. However, there are people who see this period as a time of nostalgia for classical antiquity which started earlier, in the 14th-century or even at the end of the 13th-century. I do not think that we can ascribe a beginning of an era to any particular event. I think that it takes time and effort (even if it is in the form of meditation) to change people, so they can create new social structures. We have a long way before we can proclaim that we now live in the Age of Aquarius. And the time to reach this age should be spend on contemplating the good and the bad aspects of Aquarius.