Friday the 29th of January 2021

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Today’s Full Moon can evoke a lot of questions. Is your need for perfection standing in the way of care-free joy? What is the source of your generosity – heart or logic? Can you accept yourself completely as you are at this moment in time, so you can tolerate others without comparing them to some lofty ideal? Do you nurture your heart? By contemplating these issues, you have a chance to transform your attitude to love, friendship and resources. Find out what makes you think about yourself with pride and generate this feeling every day. It is time to connect with the rebel in you and make some changes. Think like Aquarius – you are not different from any other human being but at the same time, you are utterly unique. This kind of thinking will help you to connect with your inner core and manifest reality which resonate with your individuality and is good for people around you. Being humanitarian is not about helping, sympathising, and providing. It is about recognising talents and teaching how to use them. Notice your own gifts first before you start assisting others.



Today, Venus met Pluto at 3:15 am and at 6:16 am, there was the Full Moon in Leo. Several hours later, the Sun in Aquarius meets with Jupiter. Very early on Sunday morning, Mercury will station to go retrograde in Aquarius. Venus will enter Aquarius on the 2nd of February. The Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio will happen next Friday.