Friday the 4th of September 2020

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The Full Moon in Pisces we had on Wednesday, brought an overabundance of mixed emotions. There were feelings of gratitude, love and compassion blended with sadness, powerlessness, fear, and anger. There was also a guidance if you listened with enough attention. Now, we need to anchor these feelings and sensations in the practicality of every-day life and work with them to our advantage. No one knows what the outcome of the current changes will be. All the predictive tools at our disposal cannot tell us what will happen, they only can describe the potential atmosphere of the near future and the most possible results. If we want to have any positive influence on the upcoming events, it is important to focus on the things we want in our life, not the things we do not want. The Universe is asking us to have hope, courage, and determination in order to create the reality which is necessary for us to reach our highest potential. As my good friend said – we had been crying for a change for a long time and when it has eventually arrived, we want things to go back as they were. This is our human nature, forgetting that change comes with hardship. This week, we have a chance to use power and wisdom of the prevailing spirit of our times and tap to the reservoir of compassion. Be like a toddler learning to walk – a little bit cautious and apprehensive but eager to start; ready to do it regardless of bruised knees and sore bottom.




We start this week with the Grand Trine in Earth between the Sun in Virgo, Pallas Athena in Capricorn, and Uranus in Taurus. Later in the week, the Sun will trine Jupiter and Pluto. Mars is moving very slow through Aries now. He will make squares with Venus and Saturn. On Thursday, Mars will station to go retrograde. On the same day there will be the Last Quarter Moon in Gemini. On the 6th of September, Venus will enter Leo, Mercury will move to Libra and Pallas Athena will station to go direct in Capricorn.