Friday the 14th of August 2020

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On Wednesday, we will start a new lunar month. It is a good time to set your intentions and list your goals. This New Moon in Leo is asking us to create emotional harmony around us despite the turmoil, chaos, and frustration of the background situation. It nudges us to expand our hearts and get in touch with the parts of our psyches which are passionate, loving, and creative. To fully enjoy manifesting happiness and bliss however, we need to firstly see our circumstances for what they are at this moment. Taking a realistic look at our present will allow us to notice things which may hinder us in our journeys, like fear for example or obsessions, or misplaced anger. Because the energies are so high now, especially negativity, we tend to manifest quicker. This is why, it is very important to stop our minds from doing what they love to do – coming up with the worst-case scenarios and to train them to see the glass half full. A lot of us have the necessary tools to do this, we may not have the patience or will, however. We would rather use magic to transport us to the happy place than work on mounting the stairs. But we have to.



Tomorrow, Venus will meet with the Moon in Cancer. This will be the second gate down in a mythical journey of Inanna/Venus into the Underworld. It correlates with the 6th chakra – the third eye chakra. What kind of family attachments we need to release in order to place ourselves back on the path of realising our vision? On Tuesday, Mercury will conjunct the Sun at 25°08’ of Leo. On Wednesday, there will be the New Moon in Leo at 26°35’. The Moon will be sandwiched between the Sun and Mercury at that time. She will also make beneficial connections with the South Node of the Moon in Sagittarius, and with the Black Moon Lilith, Eris, and Mars all in Aries. The Moon will make difficult aspects with Venus in Cancer, Saturn in Capricorn, and Pallas Athena in Capricorn.