Friday the 24th of July 2020

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The astrological atmosphere for this week is very dynamic. We may feel challenged by others or by our situation. The tension around us can push some of us to verbal attacks or hostile conducts. Actions like these, even if they are done by just a handful of people, reverberate through our psychic field and influence our moods; they make us feel unsafe and battered. It is very important now to be on our best behaviour. ‘What goes around comes around’, our actions create consequences. It depends on us if we create pain and heartache or if we build bridges and co-operation. The hardest astrological aspects, like the most agonizing of life experiences, can trigger people to act in a courageous and selfless manner. We have a choice to either flow with the current of anger or challenge ourselves to become better. If you choose to honestly look at your ego and work with it to improve your circumstance and heal your closest environment, the Universe will support you. You will be able to see through illusions and use magic for the good of all.



On the 27th of July, there will be the First Quarter Moon at 4°56’ Scorpio. The Moon will make a square with the Sun, an opposition with Uranus as well as trines with Ceres and the North Node of the Moon. She will also be at the apex of the Thor’s hammer configuration with Neptune and Venus. For the whole week, the Sun will semi square Venus, Venus will square Neptune, Mercury will square Mars, Mars will square Pallas Athena, and Chiron will trine the Sun. On the 26th of July, Mars will enter his shadow – Zodiac degrees he will eventually retrograde to during his upcoming retrograde phase.