Friday the 17th of July 2020

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We may feel the need to push through obstacles and act on our brilliant, new ideas this week. However, despite the outpouring of thoughts and concepts, making a proper decision and following it with a sensible action can be difficult. We are being pressured from many directions and a big part of our collective psyche wants us to just be safe. This need for security however, clashes with the need for action prompted by the fear and anger arising from the realisation that things are going to change significantly soon, regardless if we want them to or not. We can use energy of this inner conflict to fight with every person who will trigger us from now on or, we can use it to transform our feelings. Yes, there are many questions and we are surrounded by uncertainty and information overload, but we can train ourselves to not react to every wrong word or negative thought. We can teach ourselves to observe our own emotions, slow down, and act honourably. Things we value the most are born from hardship and, very often, our inner courageous hero wakes up during difficulties. We should look for him or her during our New Moon rituals this week. It is time to get to know better the part of us which helps us to make ethical, moral, and honest decisions. This part will assist us in making correct plans, moving out of fog, and creating the future we need.




Today, in the afternoon, Venus will meet with the Moon at 13°06’ Gemini marking the first step down (the Crown Chakra) in the mythical journey of Inanna/Venus into the Underworld. Venus is now a Morning Star appearing in the Easter sky just before dawn. She started her new cycle in Gemini on the 4th of June. On Tuesday, there will be the New Moon in Cancer, the second new moon in this sign. The Sun and Moon will be in opposition to Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter all in Capricorn, as well as in square aspects with Eris in Aries and Haumea in Libra. The Sun and Moon will also be in conjunction with Vesta and semisquare with Venus. For the whole week, Jupiter and Pluto will sextile Neptune, Mercury will sextile Uranus and square Mars and Mars will be in conjunction with Chiron.