Friday the 26th of June 2020

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As we are coming closer to the Lunar Eclipse on the 5th of July, we may feel increasingly emotionally and physically tired. The recent events have made a significant dent in our resolves and many of us cannot see the end of the challenges. This week we may receive a boost of energy which can help us in coping with everyday tests, overcoming obstacles and getting stronger. This momentum however, can very easily be misused and channelled into fury and aggression. Sometimes anger is righteous and appropriate, and when directed correctly, it has a power to create something new and better. To use it for this purpose however, we need to know how to focus and control it because without that, it generates mindless violence. At this moment in time, we need to be really mindful of our actions and our words. ‘What goes around comes around’. All the things we do, say, or even think now, have a special power to manifest. So, let us be extraordinarily watchful of the way we create our future not because we will be judged for it but because we have a chance to start something new and better. And remember – the more the merrier – cooperate, collaborate, and brainstorm with others. The so-called Age of Aquarius will not be about the advancement of individuals but about a parallel progress of groups and communities.


We are approaching the last eclipse of this season which will be the Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on the 5th of July. The remaining two eclipses will happen at the end of this year. This week, Mars will enter his sign of rulership – Aries on the 28th of June and, on the 2nd of July, Saturn will retrograde into Capricorn (his signs of rulership). The Sun will travel with Vesta through Gemini, Mercury will be retrograde in Cancer, and there will be a triple conjunction in Capricorn of retrograde Pallas Athena, retrograde Pluto, and retrograde Jupiter. Venus will start moving direct this week.