Friday the 19th of June 2020

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This week, we are starting a process of getting back to normal. The transition may seem quite easy at the first glance but, in reality, it is full of traps. The Solar Eclipse on Sunday starts a new chapter in this year’s narrative. It coincides with the beginning of a new astrological season – winter here and summer in the northern hemisphere, and because of it, the eclipse can impact the next three to six months. For this reason, it is quite important to not only seed the things we want in our lives during the New Moon rituals, but also look at the things that trigger us, so we can avoid the pitfalls on our paths and be victorious. We can win, but to do so, we need to find our personal definition of triumph and this is not a simple task, as most of us follow, to some extent, the social programming we have been fed since we started to talk. To move against it, takes a lot of work and time. This week, we are asked to be emotionally mature and do not let ourselves be influenced by other people’s opinions and dramas. Be objective and discerning but also flexible and receptive. We all feel uneasy and anxious in some parts of our lives, so we should be understanding of others’ fears. Being understanding however, does not mean that we should follow them into their darkness. Stay focused on your goals and avoid mental chaos. Say your truths in a compassionate manner and do not get caught up in the theatrics. This way, we can move to the calmer waters much quicker.



Mercury starts his retrograde phase today and he joins a group of four planets that are retrograde now. On the 24th of June, Venus will station to go direct. She will be replaced in the group of retrograde planets by Neptune. On the 21st of June, there will be the Cancer Solstice and a few hours later – the New Moon in Cancer and Annular Eclipse of the Sun.  The Sun and Moon will be conjunct Hygeia and Vesta, square Mars, and quincunx Saturn. They will also make minor aspects with Jupiter, Uranus, and Pallas Athena.