Friday the 12th of June 2020

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There is a lot of lunar energy this week. We may feel conflicted and moody. A strong need to take a focused action can met with resistance coming from misinformation and delays. We need to be prepared to change our plans frequently and not be bothered by the numerous adjustments to our schedules. Be flexible and patient, and you will win the day. The way we communicate our needs and emotions this week may be very important, so the rule to stop and count to ten before you say something, can become handy. If you decide to be impulsive and hasty, your world may turn into chaos, but if you slow down and allow the voice of your intuition to speak – you may gain a lot. Choose your words very carefully now as they may reflect the raw, unprocessed emotions you are not even aware of having. To balance your speech, especially in your day to day interactions, you need to have inputs from your feelings and your sensations, but mostly from your rational mind. There will be a lot of different emotions floating around, and in order to not get caught up in the drama, we need to have clear minds. If you slow down and connect with the calm part of your psyche, you will be able to create the reality you want.



Mars in Pisces will be in square aspect to the Sun in Gemini and in conjunction with Neptune in Pisces for the whole week. Tomorrow, there will be the Last Quarter Moon in Pisces. The Moon will square the Sun and the Nodes of the Moon, conjunct Neptune and Mars, sextile Jupiter and Pluto (in Capricorn), and semisquare Uranus (in Taurus). On Sunday, Mars will square Neptune exactly. On Wednesday, Mercury will station to go retrograde in Cancer for the next three weeks.