Friday the 5th of June

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Expressing anger in a constructive, healthy manner is not taught in schools, or in most families for that matter. We have to learn it by ourselves. We are entering the eclipse season and our emotions can run high now. It would be good to have a method in place allowing us to release rage, frustration and fear in a way that will not inflame others. Anger spreads like fire; it is contagious and difficult to stop once started. As any strong emotion, it brings relief when finished but it also leads to destruction when not kept in check. This week, we will be prodded and elbowed by the Universe; challenged to see our reality as it is now. Despite the pushing however, we cannot yet see it completely clearly because we are circling in the fog of misinformation and our own prejudices. The first involuntary reaction while moving through mist is to accelerate to see better, but the wise thing to do is to slow down and this is what we must do now. Have a moment during your day to release your negative emotions so you can manage your responsibilities calmly. Have a social media detox and fill your head with something mundane and repetitive but satisfying. Do something nice for yourself. At the Full Moon tomorrow, the Moon will be joined by a thing called the Great Attractor. Have a meditation in the morning, let go of the matters you no longer need in your life and invite what you want. You may be surprised by the effect.



Yesterday, retrograde Venus in Gemini started her new cycle. Tomorrow, there will be the Full Moon in Sagittarius and the Appulse Lunar Eclipse which will be practically not visible. At the moment of the eclipse, the Moon in Sagittarius will conjunct the Great Attractor, oppose the Sun and Venus in Gemini, square Ceres, Mars, and Neptune in Pisces, semi square Saturn and Pallas Athena in Aquarius, and trine Chiron and the Black Moon Lilith in Aries. For the whole week, the Sun will be in square aspect with Neptune that will be exact on Thursday, the 11th of June. Mars will be in conjunction with Neptune during this time.