Friday the 22nd of May 2020

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From a personal point of view, it seems like we are being sliced by a cosmic egg slicer, not knowing what the result of the action would be and looking for its purpose with desperation. When we broaden our perspective however, we may notice that the grooves are parts of the columns which create a gate, the gate to our future. Future is always uncertain but now it is very unsettling because we all know that we need to change. The direction and the extent of these changes which are mostly incomprehensible for nearly all of us, make us agitated, confused and upset. This New Moon in Gemini asks us to add more light to our current situation. Organize your data, check the source of your information, and brainstorm your knowledge with people you trust. We start a new lunar month being pushed and pulled by the Fates, seemingly without control, but we do not have to end it in the same way. This New Moon is perfect for seeding your plans and injecting them with more creativity. Do not be afraid to include flexibility, cooperation, and hard work as well. The upcoming week may bring even more agitation and paranoia so, it would be wise to turn our energy inwards to realign ourselves with the new phase in our lives. The rapids may not be over yet, but we can create a safe harbour now to consider our options. We will need a lot of dreaming though, to follow the best choice.


Tomorrow, at 3:38 am, there will be the New Moon in Gemini. The Sun and Moon will square Mars and Ceres in Pisces and trine Saturn and Pallas Athena (both retrograde) in Aquarius as well as Juno (retrograde) in Libra which will create the Grand Trine in Air. The Sun and Moon will also make quintile with Neptune. At the same time Venus and Mercury (conjunct in Gemini) will make biquintile with Jupiter in Capricorn and quintile with Chiron. Vesta in Gemini will make quincunx with Pluto in Capricorn. Next Friday, Mercury will enter Cancer and Venus will disappear from the Western sky.