Friday the 15th of May 2020

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Self-deception and disappointment may become the main issues of this week. The realisation that we are never going back to the ‘life as before’, can be very distressing even though it is the most obvious notion. We cannot go back in time, at least not in the conventional manner. Most of us know it on one level or another but knowing does not mean accepting. The process of fully understanding our situation has already started, however it is taking place in our subconscious mind first and because of it, it manifests unexpectedly. Some of us are becoming obsessed with listening to the news or looking up all the available information on the current state of matters; others are seeking somebody or something to blame. Yet another group of people are getting depressed and desponded. These are normal reactions to chaos and uncertainty and to start healing and moving beyond that, we need to find our own way of grounding ourselves. This week the Universe wants us to define and strengthen our good habits and clear our thought processes, so when the time for change comes, we will have a solid bottom to spring up from. We need to start listening to others with the intent to understand not condemn. We need to comprehend our own arguments. The New Moon on the 23rd of May, can open the flood gates of words, streams of personal opinions and waves of arguments. We need to get ready for that by organising our own reasoning.



Two minutes after midnight today, we had the Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius. The Moon squared the Sun in Taurus, trined Venus, Vesta, and the North Node of the Moon all in Gemini, made a conjunction with Mars in Pisces and semi squared Chiron as well as the Black Moon Lilith both in Aries. Also today, Jupiter stations to go retrograde. On Sunday, Pallas Athena will enter her retrograde phase. On Wednesday, the Sun will move to Gemini. The next day, retrograde Venus will square Neptune exactly. The next Friday, Venus will conjunct Mercury in Gemini exactly. The New Moon in Gemini will occur on the 23rd of May at 3:38 am. The Sun this week, will progressively make beneficial aspects with Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn as well as with Pallas Athena and Saturn in Aquarius.