Friday the 8th of May 2020

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The yesterday’s Full Moon in Scorpio reminds us not only about the birth of Buddha but also about our lives on Earth – the physicality of it, the spirituality, the connectedness, and cyclicality. Our human civilisation is undergoing a profound change at this moment, and it evokes fear, apprehension, and anger. We all sense it; we just react differently. The realisation that our thoughts and feelings (not only our deeds) shape our personal reality could be overwhelming but the awareness that they can also influence the direction of our collective future is paralysing. Although this week may bring some changes to our situation – we can see some easing of the restrictions – they will not placate our moods completely. We have a lot of inner work to do and we are reluctant to do it. The shared sorrow, grief and pain triggers our need for security, control, and self-protection. It is quite difficult to see yourself as heroic while in quarantine or doing a job you have always done. And perhaps this is the point – we should not look up to the few heroes but acknowledge all the people whose jobs keep our civilisation running which practically are all of us. We need heroes to give us hope and emotional relieve but the future of humanity lays on the shoulders of humans – yours and mine. The way we think, feel and act today will form our tomorrow. We all can be heroic and extraordinary as well as average or even not so good, so why do we judge and condemn? One of the answers is – to keep our current social paradigm in place. And this is something to ponder about.



During the Full Moon in Scorpio which happened yesterday evening, the Moon in Scorpio was in opposition to the Sun, Mercury, Hera and Phaeton in Taurus, in trine to Neptune in Pisces, in quincunx to Vesta and Hygeia in Gemini and in quintile to Saturn and Pallas Athena in Aquarius. She also made an aspect with the Black Moon Lilith in Aries. This week, the Moon will move through Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius, and form (with the Sun) the last Quarter Moon in Aquarius next Friday. On Sunday, Saturn in Aquarius will station to go retrograde. On Wednesday, Venus will start her retrograde phase at 21°50’ of Gemini. On the same day, Mars will enter Pisces.