Friday the 1st of May 2020

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Today’s First Quarter Moon in Leo can open the door for a little bit of hope and optimism. We have had a chance to grasp that there are different ways of dealing with our situation and now the opportunities are coming. They are not flooding us, but we are getting a sense that something is shifting for the better; a sense of stability perhaps, which was not there a month ago. This week we can work on broadening this sensation to include abundance and prosperity. For some of us, it will be a hard work, but it will give us the chance to concentrate on the positives. The week may also bring an overflow of emotions as we are approaching a very emotional Full Moon. The stuff we have supressed to enable the isolation to go harmoniously can bubble up and spill out. Things can be said suddenly which would normally be not said or they would be said differently. Be mindful of it and try not to overreact. One of the ways to deal with an emotionally charged atmosphere is physical exercise. Taking care of the mundane can bring release and the sense of purpose. It can calm the mind and feelings. It can provide a break to sort out your thoughts so you can discuss issues peacefully.



We are starting the month running. Today, there is the First Quarter Moon in Leo at 6:39 am, followed by Mercury/Uranus conjunction in the afternoon. On the 5th of May, the Nodes of the Moon will change the signs and move to the Gemini/Sagittarius axis. On the 7th of May there will be the Full Moon in Scorpio at 8:45 pm. This will start Wesac, the holiday marking the birth of Buddha. This week, Venus is in trine with Mars and in conjunction with Vesta. She is also in square with Neptune which will last the whole month. Mars forms sextile with Eris and he will start his conjunction with Ceres on the 5th of May. Mercury is in conjunction with the Sun which will be exact on the 5th of May.