Friday the 24th of April 2020

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The whole world is in the grip of an unprecedented event which is shaping not only our present but also our future. Although most of us are slowly losing sense of time, Nature is cycling without a fail. With a tenacity of the Great Mother, she produces the expected rhythms and changes. While our minds go crazy with the unknown and generate a cloud of chaos (and stupidity) around us, she enduringly replicates season after season. This week, we are starting a new Lunar Month and the Universe is asking us to get in touch with our bodies, so we can notice that they too have specific patterns of change. Even though we tend to perceive our current reality as turbulent and purposeless, it has a meaning and an intent. We are given a time out to rethink our path and get ready for necessary changes. For that to happen, we need to get in touch with the calm part of our inner self, quiet our minds and contemplate a little bit. We cannot envision our future yet as it is still in a tumultuous transmutation – very unpredictable, and because of it, we cannot make solid plans, but we can prepare ourselves by finding inner peace and balance. With that in place, we can start thinking about venturing outside and beginning a new adventure.



We are starting this week on the heels of the New Moon in Taurus. For the whole week, the Sun in Taurus will be in conjunction with Uranus and Venus in Gemini will be in conjunction with Vesta in Gemini. Venus will also make a trine with Mars in Aquarius. On the 28th of April, Mercury will enter Taurus.