Friday 24th of June 2016

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For the whole week the Sun (ego) will travel through the Zodiac with the Black Moon Lilith (asserting one’s rights) and the asteroid Pallas Athena (wisdom), making a beneficial, easy-flowing aspect pattern called Grand Trine in Water. In the second part of the week Venus will also be a part of a favourable pattern which she will create together with the North Node (looking forward), Jupiter (magnification and luck), Pluto (transformation and power), and Neptune (illusion and idealism). The Grand Cross, which I described in previous posts, is going to dissipate now, leaving us with the Saturn (boundaries and limits) – Neptune (illusion and idealism) square only.

It is time for a break, I think. The wheel of time has changed its position so we can breathe again. The planets responsible for our luck, love and money – Venus and Jupiter – stopped fighting with each other and are about to enter a period of constructive co-operation. The Mutable Cross that laid heavily on our backs making us jittery, highly wired, and unsure about our choices is going to be lifted. We can start planning, organizing, and setting up new goals. A fresh vigour and need for action seems to permeate the atmosphere. The disappointments of the last few weeks may stimulate us in finding different, more creative ways of dealing with our problems. However, don’t start running just yet. Give yourself some time to adjust – the whole weekend perhaps. The astrological undercurrents need to play themselves into completion.

The Last Quarter Moon, which happens on Tuesday morning, will come with the change. It will be up to us to respond to it. The Universe can push and challenge us, or dangle a beautiful, juicy carrot in front of our noses but in the end it depends on us how we decide to react. There is a wonderful shift in energy ready for us to tap into – let’s not waste it.