Friday 3rd of June 2016

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The Moon in Taurus can help us to stabilise our emotions and make us feel grounded and satisfied today, despite the tension of the Mutable Grand Cross. Uneasiness may mount gradually over the weekend however, and on Sunday, during the New Moon, we may feel quite jittery. Normally a New Moon is a quiet affair; a moment of calm reflection, but this time it may not be so. The Moon and Sun are joined by Venus, and they are in hard aspects with Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune – the biggest planets in our Solar System. It can feel like being caught in the middle of a fight between four whales – nowhere to hide and nothing to do but just wait until they finish. And maybe this is good advice – to be patient, hang around and do nothing for the whole month. But there is another solution: why don’t we use the energy these “big whales” generate to propel ourselves as far from the quarrel ground as possible? It can be done. The Grand Cross is connected through Jupiter (the biggest planet in our backyard) to a formation called the Grand Trine in Earth this week, giving us a chance to use our frustration and need for change in a pragmatic, down to earth manner.

It would be a very good idea this Sunday to “programme” ourselves for a success, even if it means sitting still in the middle of a hurricane. This New Moon energy is oriented on gathering relevant information to seed a new relationship, venture or change in a fiscal situation. Do as my very good friend does – write your goals on a beautiful piece of paper and bury it in your garden (or a pot) that day. Reinforce your wish on Tuesday, when Venus (the planet of love, attraction, luck and prosperity) meets the Sun in a superior conjunction (she will be farthest from the Earth). This moment marks the “ascending” phase in Venus’ cycle – she is now going to come to you with gifts. Be prepared to receive everything she is offering as she is a gentle Goddess and she will not persist. Also be ready to wait a while – give Venus time to gather her strength, and allow your seed to germinate. You may notice the first signs of some transformation at the end of this month or in the middle of the next.