Friday 27th of May

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Today, a few minutes before midnight, Mars re-enters Scorpio to stay there for the next two and a half months. The last time Mars was retrograde in Scorpio was autumn 1999 which some of you may distinctly remember. During such periods we are usually asked to deal with issues of loyalty, trust and betrayal, tenacity, and secrecy. This time around the overall astrological climate may push us to think about our material prosperity. Matters of self-worth may surface for some of us now, with questions about money and possessions occupying the forefront of our attention. This week, however, we may feel on top of the world, if only we allow ourselves to feel this way. Ideas, concepts and plans may fly high as kites in our minds’ skies. Some of us may become busy discussing business with appropriate people. Projects will be initiated and aims set; observations duly noted. We should be able to walk the “middle” road this week – be optimistic and idealistic enough to start things but also be adequately pragmatic in perceiving the reality to finish the ones we need most.

Venus entered Gemini on Tuesday giving a boost to all Geminis out there. She is now co-operating nicely with Mercury in Taurus which should ease the way we communicate with each other. If we remember to be polite and courteous in our conversations we can accomplish a lot, but I guess this is good advice not only for this week.

On Sunday there will be the Last Quarter Moon which may heighten our need for action. It would be quite beneficial that day to find some quiet time to meditate or contemplate on our plans in order to achieve the best results in our endeavours.