Friday 20th of May

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This week seems like another astrologically busy period and most of the action involves Gemini, the sign of communication as well as gathering and exchanging information.
Tomorrow morning, at thirty seven minutes after midnight, the Sun enters Gemini starting a new solar month and later that day Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, stations to go direct. On Sunday morning there will be a Full Moon in the sign of the Sagittarius, Gemini’s opposite sign, and on Tuesday Venus moves to this sector of the sky as well. The Sun, accompanied by Venus, meets with Vesta, already in Gemini, and opposes Mars moving in retrograde motion in Sagittarius. All of this may suggest a substantial change in the atmosphere – from a sensual, easy going mood of Taurus to a highly strung and mental environment of Gemini. We may become more competitive, edgy and tense. During this weekend’s Full Moon especially, there may be a lot of strained feelings, agitation and even aggression. In the heat of the moment things can be said which may influence some relationships, so be very mindful of the way you verbalize your thoughts. Mercury, the planet symbolising our mental processes, is still moving very slow and is in the Earth Grand Trine aspect with Pluto and Jupiter which favours deliberate, thorough and analytical style of thinking. So although we may be in a very driven and combative mood this whole week, our mental responses may be slower than we would wish them to be, generating possible misunderstandings and sparks. On the other hand, if there are sparks flying there is always a possibility of igniting the fire of passion and enthusiasm which may propel us on a new adventure, we just need to notice that there is a new adventure to experience.
If the weather permits, look up at the evening sky this weekend; on top of the Full Moon you will be able to see Mars, Jupiter and Saturn as well as Antares – the red star in the heart of Scorpio which will be close to the Moon on Sunday.