Friday 13th of May

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Today the astrological presence of Venus is unusually strong. Not only is it Friday – Venus’s day – but also the 13th which is Venus’s number, and Venus is in Taurus (the sign she rules) together with the Sun, Mercury and Vesta. She also makes a Grand Trine (a beneficial connection) with two other planets in earth signs – Pluto and Jupiter. There seems to be a strong emphasis on all the symbols Venus represents – women, women’s power, beauty of the mundane world, material stability and balance. Today it would be good for us to slow down and ponder for a moment on our personal role in worldly affairs. I am not talking about politics but our everyday reality; about making a balance sheet of all the creatures we are killing off by our daily routines, and the multitude of others we are creating every day and supporting in their evolvement. Despite our expectations, we may realise that the scale has shifted in the direction of breeding and creating new forms of life, although these organisms may not be entirely what we have anticipated to bring forward into existence.

Mercury is still in his retrograde mode of action, however he is slowly but very persistently collecting power and we are invited to do it with him. Today he is accumulating the ability to patiently transform worldly ambitions from Pluto. Tomorrow he will gather the acumen of femininity from Venus, and on Sunday – the wisdom of hindsight from asteroid Atlantis. We have the chance to become wiser by accepting these gifts and making them part of our psyche. This may not happen however unless we take some action, by doing something to initiate this makeover even if it means we have to eradicate something from our life. Tomorrow’s First Quarter Moon may prompt us to do just that. The Moon in Leo challenged by the Sun and Ceres, and supported by Uranus and Eris, may be the catalyst for us to enter the scene of life anew, and to start some processes we have been hesitating to begin.