Friday 6 of May 2016

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Death and life – these are themes of this week’s astrology. We start the journey with the Venus/Moon conjunction which happens today at 3:12 pm. This event takes us deep into the Goddess Inanna (Venus) legend, to the moment when she decides to be killed in order to fully understand life. We could use this very evening to contemplate this topic – how fragile our physical life is and, at the same time, how tenacious and strong; how brutal our mundane life can be whilst how wonderfully beautiful each moment on this Earth is. What should I give up in order to understand my role here better? Make yourself very comfortable for these considerations, paying attention to minute details – the perfect music and scents, your favourite but cosy outfit, and your best-loved food and drink, as this evening is going to initiate your voyage into the Taurus symbolism.

The New Moon happening on Saturday morning is about getting in touch with the sensual part of who you are. In the Northern Hemisphere this time of the year was celebrated as Beltane – a festival of human sexuality. Here in Melbourne we are in the middle of autumn, but for our gardens it is a period of fertility and lushness that comes with heavy rains after dry summer days. So, we too can connect with the nature’s fecundity.

During this event, the Sun and Moon are in beneficial aspects with Pluto and Jupiter, and are accompanied by Venus, Mercury and Vesta. This may underline the topics of passion, voluptuousness, obsession, dedication to one’s sexuality, death and transformation even more. It seems that the Universe is urging us to connect with our earthiness; to align with Gaia. Maybe if we do that, we can fully understand the sacredness of this physical reality and can learn not only to appreciate it, but also to respect and honour it.

I would like to honour the life of Jonathan Cainer – a great, full of optimism and love astrologer who died this week.

‘We aren’t here for long. We should make the most of every moment. We all understand this yet don’t we forget it, many times? We get caught up in missions, battles and desires. We imagine that we have forever and a day. In one way, we may be right – for are we not eternal spirits, temporarily residing in finite physical form?’ Jonathan Cainer – Sagittarius