Friday 29th of April

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What an intense start of the week we have! Early this morning Mercury stationed to go retrograde in Taurus. On Saturday, Venus enters the sign of her rulership – Taurus – and disappears from the sky for over seventy days. During this time she will be travelling very close to the Sun hidden in his bright light. In the mystical realms of shamanic astrology Venus is going to enter the underworld domain of her sister Ereshkigal. It’s time for some passionate and earnest soul searching as the Moon is also decreasing in her strength preparing for the beginning of the new cycle next week.

How does your relationship with your body look? What do you regard as pleasure? What do you feel upon hearing the sentence: “He/she surrendered to sensual gratification”? These are some of the questions which may demand answers this week. They will not preoccupy your mind incessantly though; they will stay shyly on the edge of your awareness coming out through night dreams or visions. You may not even notice them in the busy activity of your mundane living. But the issues they represent can anchor themselves in your subconscious making solving them quite important. These are our connections with the physical world and the reality we are now living in – it would be good for all of us to honestly explore them.