Monthly Discussion Group

I invite you all warmly for:


monthly meetings to discuss astrological topics of interest. During these 1.5 hour sessions we will be talking about pre-set subjects in the context of the participants natal charts. I will answer questions which will arise from the discussed points and any queries brought to the session by you.

The atmosphere of these gatherings is informal and warm but be prepared to be challenged. The prior knowledge of astrology is not necessary but helpful.

The cost for a one session is $45 which includes herbal tea and cake.

Please note that these sessions cannot replace a proper astrological consultation but they are invaluably beneficial in addition to one.

For bookings and enquires please contact me

Astrological Portraits

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Astrology Consultations

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Palmistry Consultations

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Astrology Workshops

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Palmistry Workshops

Introduction to Palmistry

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